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Our company is the home of the “General”. the “General” is the biggest, nastiest insulation removal machine in the city. It is trailer mounted, and vacuums insulation through a 12″ diameter hose. As one of Calgary’s largest insulation removal companies, we have the ability to get it done fast, clean, and efficiently.

We remove insulation for some of the city’s largest insurance companies, restoration companies, and renovation contractors. Because we do a high volume, and have the trained personnel, we can offer this service at a very competitive price, and ensure that we always know what we are doing, and will get your removal job done right, the first time.  Talk to our field manager, David, about your options for removing insulation, and weather or not you should.  Many companies oversell removals by telling homeowners that they “must” be done, but in some situations, this is not the case.

Why remove insulation ?

Insulation removal is not for everyone. Other contractors will sell you a removal, just to pad their business with you. Normally, its not necessary, and can be very expensive. If you have old wood chips, rock wool, or cellulose in your attic and you want to add insulation, just place a nice blanket of fiberglass loosefill over top. The old insulation still has an R-value that you can utilize. Ask us for a bundled price, as we will give a discount for a combined removal, and re-blow of your attic space. Some of the reasons to remove your insulation include:

- Renovation of rooms beneath requiring removal of your ceiling drywall
- Complete re-wiring of your house including your attic space
- Adding a second story onto a bungalow
- Restoration after there has been a fire or other disaster

- Allergy related problems with existing insulation